Beverage Treatment System

Beverage Treatment System is applied widely in hot filling beverage or CSD beverage. Tech-Long beverage treatment system adopts professional process design, high-quality hygienic piping, and valves, fine control instrument and electrical parts, etc. With our high-tech technology and equipment, we can also provide you with a good quality beverage filling machine, CIP cleaning and sanitizing system, beverage processing system, etc.

Hot water system

Supply hot water to sugar dissolving, tea extracting, juice, ingredient, milk restoration etc.

Sugar dissolving system

Use good quality sugar to dissolve in certain hot water to make syrup, after hot preservation,pasteurization, filtration, and cooling down, then store to use.estoration etc.

Ingredient system

Supply restored juice, stabilizing agent etc.

Batching System

To pump syrup, other main material and ingredient, juice, RO water basing on certain ratio and certain order. Mixing all the materials in batching tank to make the liquid even, check sample, stew, and then go to next step.

CIP system

CIP system is designed to clean and sanitize. It is a necessary system in food production.Use alkali and acid as the media, under the effect of heat exchanger to clean all the valves,tanks, pipes etc. So as to reach the safety standard.ilk restoration etc.

Extracting System

To put tea or Chinese medicine into a basket, tank bottom or rotate tank, and then add hot water, after filtration and cooling to batching tanks.

All kinds of tank, valves, and piping.

Pasteurizer-Core Equipment In Hot And Ambient Filling Treatment

Pasteurizer is used to kill the microorganism which will cause rancidness. It keeps the original flavor of product in a great degree and also the nutrient content. The strict treatment process and accurate treatment method prevent the secondary contamination of the products, which extends the shelf life of products.

Tech-Long Pasteurizer applies high efficient heat exchanging corrugated pipe,with fine manufacturing parts and proper process. It saves a lot for customer.

Carbo-Mixer Equipment In Cold Filling Treatment

Mixer can be categorized as mechanical type and metering type. It is used to mix the batching syrup and de-areated water at a certain rate, cool down the beverage, add CO2 and then to make even and stable carbonated drinks.