Ultra Hygienic Filling-Ambient Filling

Flavored water, which is made by mixing still water and juice in a certain proportion, not only keeps the flavor of fruit, but also has less calories than 100% juice, thus favored by customers. In the meanwhile, water producer keeps launching new products, soda water, Pocari Sweat, Lingyangjiao Water and so on are springing in the market.

Tech-Long applies Ultra Hygienic filling technology to realize the filling of these products. Ultra Hygienic filling applies the key technology of aseptic filling, which uses rigorous sterilization process and fills the product in 100 grade environment. This is to prevent the product contamination during filling. Ambient filling will reduce the heating time for products, which guarantees the nutrition and flavor of products.

Ambient filling breaks the limitations of hot fill bottle design. It allows a variety of bottle shapes, reduces bottle weight and cost.