Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping Monobloc

As the rarer suppliers who has the key technology of PET blower and filler, Tech-Long is the pioneer of monobloc machine. Our Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping Monobloc Machine efficiently integrates blow molding, labeling, filling and capping machines in one block. It is the most advanced technology for water bottle filling and soda filling.

  • Servo stretching and mechanical seal structures, realize flexible adjustment of relative parameters, as well as maximum processing angle.
  • Base Mould is interlock with mould opening and closing mechanism, which reduces strike and vibration.
  • Blowing technology with 6 blowing units to reduce high pressure air consumption by 40%~55%.
  • Quick changeover of neck finish and bottle body size parts to better fit bottles of various formats.
  • High-speed heating and air circulation system is also energy-saved, which can save over 40% in energy consumption.
  • Modular design for labeling stations and multiple stations allocation make it able to meet requirements for hot-melt glue and self-adhesive labeling at the same machine.

  • System can automatically detect usage situation on label roll. When usage reaches preset parameter, the labeller will slow down but won’t stop to have roll changed automatically.

  • Each associated part of system has equipped with independent servo drive in order to improve transmission accuracy and labeling efficiency, as well as reduce vibration and noise level.

  • Double layers explosion proof toughened glass is fixed on floor-stand enclosed frame, which enables this machine to be well guarded, beautiful appearance and prevented against atomization.

  • Inclined basement design to obtain best drainage capability, which is more sanitary.

  • Volumetric filling method via flow meters is both economic and durable.

  • Easy to change filling products, and no return process to ensure an energy-saving and sanitary effect.

  • Fully automatic enclosed and circulating CIP system realizes high efficiency and best sanitary performance.

  • Optimized and flexible track for capping cam can assure stability during high speed rotation.